Losing Gravity

It was now a habit she developed- to smile at everybody who went past her, smile through her despair. It was more like an involuntary act like her breathing. At first, she found it hard to smile through all her tears that were at the brim of her eyes, but now she had mastered it.... Continue Reading →

They asked: “Introduce Yourself”

Amidst the music Between the words I found myself Twinning in a verse Sewing the symphony Of rhyming words Scribbling some love Or bitter curse Ink spilled emotions Raw and pure Looking for answers Searching for more Observation perception Sometimes imagination Oh so blended Into perfection Not a doctor, engineer Philosopher I call myself The... Continue Reading →

In The Clouds

And there in that cloud Oh, do you see that The robust town? Robust as it might be Peaceful and serene it must be! This is the town of my dreams.. Oh hey move your eyes You see that church, Up there in the sky? The bride and groom; Ahh, such a heart warming sight!!... Continue Reading →

Beyond words

   I remember the first time we met. That snowy evening, you were sitting by the lake side lost in your own world. I had asked you for a pen. N thats how our friendship had started. Since then we've met there every single evening, walking by the lake side, sharing our thoughts/feelings.  N today... Continue Reading →

Actions cast shadows

  In our busy lives, we rarely care for others. Unless they are well known to us, we hardly bother to do any good to them. We are so much involved in our own worlds, struggling hard to just survive, we forget that our deeds, our actions, our words have a great effect on others.... Continue Reading →

The Four Letter Word

There is this four letter word... They say its beautiful to bear They say that it has got this feeling of being smitten... I have heard them say that for that word to touch you... You need somebody...  The one you look deep into and Then you see yourself... Its the feel that develops when... Continue Reading →


In a world full of ignorance, she loved every being. Selflessly helped every person, smiled to every stranger. Was it her fault that she was so good and nice to others? Didn't she deserve to be loved selflessly? Was it wrong for her to expect something out of people she poured out her to? Never... Continue Reading →

High on life

Cannabis! Perfect to forget all your fears. Best to leave aside your worries and enjoy yourself to your full. At one moment you are the depressed commoner full of anxiety and at the other you are the king of your own kingdom, you rule and you are the only one to be ruled upon. Erases... Continue Reading →


"It is not easy leave home, get separated from friends and family, go around the world and be wanderlust. Not as easy as your petty word Aru. It all seems fancy when you dream but tough to live!" She remembered these words told to her by Satanendranath Lahiri, her grandfather. With him gone, she had... Continue Reading →

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