तेरी याद

एक अरसे बाद छेडा किसी ने फसाना तुम्हारा, याद आ गया है फ़िर से ज़माना तुम्हारा। आखिर में आकर हुआ है दोनों ही का नुकसान शायद, क्या काम आया खर्च करना मेरा, कमाना तुम्हारा। कल रात ही की बात है, चौंक कर उठ गया था मैं,  अक्सर सताता है मुझको यूँ ख्वाबों में आना तुम्हारा। आज... Continue Reading →


You are Durga, Durga durgatinashini.

This one is for the devi inside you. I was not what I am today. It took me a bunch of tremendously life changing events including traumatizing academia that has made me this foetus sized girl otherwise popular as a child, definitely hated by a few and loved by a few more and occasionally scary... Continue Reading →


Dear you, It's been a while since we last wrote to each other. Weeks have passed waiting for your words. But today, when i saw your notification, i was elated. I know what you've been up to, all thanks to this new trend of uploading stories, i know where you are, what you are doing,... Continue Reading →


Maybe, Maybe you don't like me the way you did before... But still shower affection like leaves are yet unturned. Maybe, Maybe you think you don't know me anymore... But did you wonder ever, that maybe you never knew me enough? Maybe, Maybe you think pride is getting all upon me, Pride that will keep... Continue Reading →

What if I told you, the fact why the poles don't have sunny mornings has no scientific reason but simply because the poles aren't the sun's personal favorite.


I am holding you together in one piece, without you even acknowledging it. I have traveled a long way that has led my path to you. But in a way, you see, my tedious journey of all tortures and stresses that I have traversed through has made me what I am today, made me worth... Continue Reading →


Aazadi to sirf ek shabd hai, Is desh mei ladkiyon k liye. Jo bandhan sang raha krti hai, Is desh ki galiyon mei. Aazadi, haan aazadi is toh mangti hai, Wo raat mei bekhauf ghoomne ki. Haan aazadi hi toh chahti hai, Wo jo chahe pehenne ki. Yahan nazar mei khot, yahan soch mei khot,... Continue Reading →


Today was just like the other days, she has been waiting since he left. Waiting for footsteps to fall on the snow and knock her door. She had dozed away on her chair, but she woke to the sound of an unusual loud bang on the door. It was the first time in the past... Continue Reading →


मैं तुमसे वहाँ मिलूंगा, जहाँ तुम कभी आते नहीं, बैठे रहते हो, ठीक सामने पर कभी उठ कर आते नहीं। सुनते तो ज़रूर होगे कभी दबी दबी सी मेरी आवाज़,कोई ठहाका, कोई नाम, कोई आहिसता से गुनगुनाता हुआ गीत। कभी कुर्सी के घसीटने की आवाज़ तो कभी किसी मेज़ को सरकाते लोग। तुम वहीं होते... Continue Reading →

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